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Floyd Mayweather is looking to fight another YouTube sensation in his exhibition tour, and the boxing star has his eye on Deji Olatunji. The younger brother of KSI is 1-3 in the ring, but is reportedly interested in taking on the former world champion in November.

The two have been making gaming videos together for years. But, in early December, Deji posted a diss track titled “Unforgivable.” Deji describes the song as the result of his frustrations over how KSI treats him. The track accuses KSI of choosing friends over family, and allegedly cutting Deji off from his parents.

Although the two brothers have feuded publicly for a few years, they have recently put their differences to one side. This came about after a video posted by KSI that criticized Deji’s work ethic and his loss naasongs.net to Vinnie Hacker. Deji responded by posting a video of a reunion with his brother called “Reunion With My Brother.” During the video, Deji and KSI discussed their relationship, Deji’s recent loss, and their careers in boxing.

Deji is a YouTube sensation and a former professional boxer. He has over 10 million subscribers. In August, 2022, he took his first boxing match and beat YouTuber Fousey via TKO. Then, he participated in the ‘Legends of Gaming’ competition. He is also involved with a clothing line called Tank. The clothing line produces baseball caps and beanies, which he sells through his website.

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