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Jake Paul and KSI are two fighters with massive popularity on YouTube. They were first introduced when Paul beat up YouTube star AnEson Gib. Both men have impressive physiques and have impressive boxing skills. However, the question is, who is taller? This fight will be one of the biggest in the history of YouTube boxing.

Both men have impressive boxing skills and are trained to take down their opponents. The question of who is taller is a fascinating one. The fight will be held on 25 August at the Manchester Arena, and the brothers of both men will take part on the undercard. Both are listed as 6′ tall, but who is taller bet6¬†?

The height comparison between Jake Paul and KSI has sparked a controversy on the Internet. Both athletes have disputed which is taller, and it has led to several forums arguing which is taller. According to official records, Jake is 6’1″ and KSI is 5’11”. The online forums disagree, with some claiming that KSI is six feet taller than Jake Paul giniloh¬†.

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