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Fake ID Laws


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The United States has a string of laws in place to keep people from committing crimes involving fake ID. Its criminal penalties include possession, knowingly creating, and distribution of fraudulent documents. These documents can be used to verify an individual’s identity, age, or other personal identifying information. The penalties for these crimes can vary, but the consequences are severe. If you’ve been caught using fake ID, read on to find out what you can expect.

Criminal penalties

Every state has different criminal penalties for violating its fake ID laws. In most states, using a fake ID to purchase controlled substances, alcohol, or firearms is considered a felony. However, the punishment for fake ID crimes differs. In some jurisdictions, a first-time offender may face only a $500 fine, while those who commit a second offense can face a $5,000 fine and one year in jail.

In many cases, the consequences of breaking the fake ID laws are not immediately apparent, but they are serious. For example, a juvenile possesses a fake ID when it is being used to purchase goods or gain credit. filmefy A juvenile who attempts to buy alcohol with a fake ID is also charged with a disorderly person offense. But there are other penalties for obtaining a fake ID. While this might not seem like a huge penalty, the consequences can be life-changing.


There are several defenses to fake ID laws. In some cases, the fake IDs cannot be too realistic or have any artistic element, or have any other nonfraudulent purpose. Other defenses involve suppressing evidence that was obtained illegally, and therefore cannot be used against you at trial. For example, if you were arrested, you might have been forced to take a search warrant in your home. In these cases, your lawyer can negotiate with prosecutors and reduce the charges.

The laws against fake IDs are broad, and most crimes are misdemeanors. Depending on the state, however, fake IDs can result in felony charges. In some states, it is even illegal to use state-issued IDs to purchase or sell a firearm. Forgery of government-issued IDs is considered a felony in some states, including Arizona and New York. Fortunately, these crimes are rare.


Diversion from fake ID laws may be an option for a student charged with a misdemeanor. Diversion is an arrangement with a prosecutor in which a defendant agrees to complete certain conditions in return for a dismissal of the charge. These conditions may include alcohol classes or community service. thedocweb  Diversion is an excellent choice for students without prior criminal history. However, you should understand the details of the program before applying.

When faced with a criminal charge for a first-time offense, you may be eligible for diversion. In such cases, you may be able to postpone your case for two to four months while you complete negotiated conditions. These conditions may include community service, an alcohol awareness course, or the payment of a small fine. Once you have completed the program, the charges are thrown out and you can focus on your studies.


There are many consequences of breaking fake ID laws, and if you are caught, you could face jail time. A misdemeanor conviction for possessing a fake ID can land you a year in jail, while a felony conviction can land you a decade in jail. In addition to jail time, a conviction for fake ID will appear on your criminal record, affecting your future education and employment opportunities.

Depending on your age, you could also face penalties such as a year in state prison or a court summons. However, the majority of underage fake ID offenders are only fined. Likewise, possessing a fake driver’s license in New York can land you a $1,000 fine – even if it is your first time committing the offense. However, even though the consequences of fake ID laws may not be immediately apparent, they do exist.

Intent to obtain a fake ID

Intent to obtain a fake ID laws are based on whether you had the intent to defraud someone or possess a fake ID. California’s fake ID laws require that you prove that you intended to forge the ID. This can be difficult to prove because intent is a subjective concept. Nevertheless, if you have no intention to defraud others, you may have a strong defense.

You may not even realize that you’re committing a crime if you just swiped a friend’s or relative’s ID without knowing it was fake. For example, Larry swipes his brother’s ID and changes the photo. After swiping it, he’s on his way to a liquor store. He’s pulled over by the police, who find out that he possessed the fake ID with the intent to deceive the liquor store clerk. If you’re caught using a fake ID, you could face serious penalties.

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