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How Does Exercise Lower Blood Pressure?


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The response of the cardiovascular system to physical activity varies between individuals. During exercise, blood pressure rises, while diastolic pressure drops slightly. During the recovery period, blood pressure should return to pre-exercise levels, although it may remain elevated for a short time. Afterwards, it should return to normal. The faster a person returns to normal blood pressure, the more benefit they will experience from exercise.

The esrc recommends a range of aerobic exercise. Exercising will lower blood pressure and give you more energy. If you’re a beginner, try finding a workout partner to motivate you. Physical activity reduces blood vessel stiffness, making blood flow easier. The most dramatic effect of exercise occurs during and after a workout. Depending on your body type, you may need to increase your activity level to get the most benefit.

The strongest support for the causal relationship between physical activity and BP is evidence from randomized controlled trials. More than a dozen studies have verified that exercise decreases BP, with greater effect in hypertensive people. In fact, a two mmHg reduction in the diastolic BP of the general population would result in a 17% decrease in the prevalence of hypertension. These modest reductions in BP can have substantial public health benefits.

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