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How to Get Your Kids to Exercise During This Pandemic


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To get your kids to do some physical activity, you have to find a fun way to motivate them. Instead of demanding that they play a sports game or sit in front of the television, make exercise fun by setting small goals for yourself and your kids. For younger children, you might want to reward them with a small prize every day. Older children might be more motivated by weekly goals, like getting to spend an extra 30 minutes on the computer instead of watching TV. Start out small, and gradually increase the amount of time each family member spends on physical activity each week.

Online resources provide free workouts for kids. Try yoga, boxing, or kid-friendly dance to get your kids moving. You can also use YouTube to find free workout videos. Some trainers even offer workouts for kids on their Instagram live posts. All of these activities require minimal energy and will help your kids stay active and happy. But, if you’re worried that you’ll never get your kids to exercise, don’t worry. There are dozens of free online workouts that can be found online.

One of the easiest ways to incorporate family exercise is to create fun and creative games that engage everyone in the activity. You can play games and obstacle courses with your kids to get their heart rate up. You can also play games with your kids to encourage them to get up from their seats. Whether your child is into scavenger hunts or active video games, the whole family can participate in an activity together.

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