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Is There a Game or Sport That Has No Draw?


A draw in a game usually means that a game goes into extra time, but in some sports, the draw can be a one-sided affair. In these games, the winner is chosen through a penalty shootout, or PK. A rematch can occur if a winner cannot be chosen through PK, but in most cases, a draw will mean that a winner is chosen through chance. Although there are no universal rules for resolving a drawn game, most sport organizations have some sort of rule for the situation

There are different definitions for a draw, and different sports have different terms. “Tie” and “draw” are synonymous terms for a score tied after a certain amount of time. In British English, “tie” and “draw” are used interchangeably to denote the same result. In other languages, “tie” is often used when referring to an inconclusive outcome. In cricket, however, the term “draw” is almost never used.

The answer to this question can depend on the game. Some games, such as football and rugby, have a system of replays where the winner of the game and the loser tie are deemed equal. This system has some practical and organisational problems. In tennis, for example, a draw usually means that the champion retains the title of the tournament. If there is no draw in a tennis match, the player who wins the game is the winner.

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