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Material used for rhinoplasty


Nowadays, there are many people traveling to have a nose surgery each day. Before you go to the surgery You need to study information about the nose surgery as well. Whether it is knowledge, understanding, methods, purpose, price and reliable location. Must find complete information to understand so as not to lose the benefits And it is knowledge for ourselves as well.

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Did you know that the nose augmentation What material does the surgeon use to put it in our nose? Until it looks beautiful? In fact, the material that the doctor will use to enhance the traditional for us, there are many things. Let’s see what materials are commonly used.

1. Silicone

which is “Normal standard silicone” silicone looks quite hard and “special standard silicone” silicone is soft, smooth and has exceptional flexibility. can twist

Because people’s nose structures are not the same. If the nose You must consult with your surgeon which type of silicone is suitable for you. a little nose will suit special standard silicone After doing it, it will look natural, not a bar or a clear ridge. But if the nose is thick Will be more suitable for standard silicone. because if using soft silicone The thick nose tissue may be constricted until the silicone is tilted in the future. It also reduces the problem of seeing the edge of the silicone as well.

2.The advantages of using silicone

Nose augmentation silicone is a type that is specially made for medical use. be safe There is very little reaction to our body. And the body can receive and wrap the silicone stick to adhere to the tissue well. As for the lifespan of silicone implants used for rhinoplasty, it will last a lifetime. There is no need to replace or modify. Unless it has already been added and wants to change or modify a new shape.


which come from different parts of the patient’s own body to supplement restructure and prevent future perforation such as ear cartilage (Enhance the tip of the nose to be beautiful reduce the chance of perforation), rib cartilage (Increase the bridge of the nose) and cartilage from the nasal septum (to lengthen the tip of the nose and point it), etc.

4.Advantages of using cartilage

Using the patient’s own cartilage to supplement restructure and end decoration It is safe because it is the patient’s own tissue. Therefore, it ensures that there is almost no chance of the body losing it. or against it Over time, the body will heal until it becomes homogeneous. The longer it lasts, the more natural it looks. Good fixes in both new add-ons. or in case of wanting to modify from the previous supplement even very thin skin or has been surpassed before The tip of the nose can be decorated as desired without the risk of breaking through. Better results than supplementing with silicone alone.

and currently still have “Silicone-free rhinoplasty technique” by using rib cartilage as a material for rhinoplasty instead of silicone along the length of the nose. Because the rib cartilage has enough bone mass. Many of you may not be as familiar with silicone augmentation. Plus, it’s not as popular as silicone. But the trend has continued to increase. Using rib cartilage for nose augmentation, it can change the structure of the nose tip to be more protruding, long, and curved, especially for people with short noses and wanting a long, prominent nose shape. without fear that the tip of the nose will be thin or pierced. It also reduces swelling faster than silicone augmentation. However, rib cartilage rhinoplasty has a more complicated procedure than conventional silicone augmentation. Because the rib cartilage had to be surgically removed. Then decorate it to get the desired shape before placing it in the nose. This requires the expertise of a specialized surgeon who is knowledgeable and highly experienced. Therefore, the question “where is a good rhinoplasty” is a question that must be answered carefully. Thoroughly study information on procedures and procedures with expert surgeons. Because not every surgeon can do it.