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The Impact of Dries Mertens on Napoli’s Success


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Since his arrival at Napoli in 2013, Belgian forward Dries Mertens has been one of the most important players in the club’s recent karinnews. He has helped the team to four Coppa Italia and two Supercoppa Italiana titles, as well as their first runner-up finish in Serie A since the 1989-90 season. At the beginning of his time in Naples, Mertens was used mainly as a substitute, but his impressive performances convinced then-coach Maurizio Sarri to make him a regular starter. The Belgian forward quickly established himself as one of the most reliable players in the team and has since become an integral part of the way Napoli play. Mertens’ biggest contribution to the team has been his minex world. In the 2016-17 season he scored 28 goals, making him the first player since Diego Maradona to reach that tally in a single season. He has since gone on to become Napoli’s all-time leading goalscorer, with 125 goals in all competitions. The Belgian forward also plays an important role in Napoli’s creative guexams.com. He often drops deep to take possession and then provides through-balls to his attacking teammates. His ability to pick out teammates in advanced positions has been crucial in unlocking opposition defences and creating goal-scoring opportunities. Mertens’ leadership on the pitch is also sonicomusica. He often takes the initiative when Napoli need to score and has been known to get his teammates motivated when they are down. Overall, Mertens’ influence on Napoli’s success over the last few years cannot be overstated. His goals, creativity, and leadership have been crucial to the team’s success, and he has been a key figure in the club’s rise to become one of the best teams in cakhia1.tv.

Since his arrival in the summer of 2013, Dries Mertens has been a key figure in transforming Napoli’s attack into one of the most potent in Europe. The Belgian international’s blend of speed, skill and clinical finishing has made him one of the most feared attackers in the 1000gem.net. Mertens has been the focal point of Napoli’s attack since his arrival, and his influence on the team has been clear for all to see. He has provided the team with a cutting edge going forward, and his goals have been a crucial part of their success. In his first season with the club, he scored 17 goals in all competitions, and he has been a consistent source of goals ever since. Mertens has also had a significant impact on the way Napoli play. His pace and technique on the ball has enabled Napoli to play a more direct, attacking style of football, which has been a hallmark of their success in recent years. His movement off the ball has also given the team’s front line more freedom to take up dangerous positions in the final third, which has enabled them to create more chances and score more goals.

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