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Top 3 Jackets to Wear in UAE


When it comes to fashion in the UAE, selecting the right jacket is crucial. With its diverse climate ranging from scorching summers to mild winters, choosing the perfect outerwear can be a sartorial challenge. Whether you’re exploring the bustling streets of Dubai or enjoying the coastal breeze of Abu Dhabi, having the right jacket ensures comfort and style. In this article, you will learn about the top three jackets that are ideal for UAE’s climate and fashion-forward culture.

From lightweight and breathable options for warmer days to versatile and stylish choices for cooler evenings, these jackets strike the perfect balance between functionality and fashion. Embrace the UAE’s vibrant lifestyle while staying fashionable with our curated selection of jackets that cater to the region’s unique weather conditions. Get ready to elevate your wardrobe and stay on-trend with these must-have jackets for every occasion in the UAE.

IF you are looking for the top 3 jackets to wear in the UAE, keep on reading to find out the best option for you!

CRENSHAW SKATE CLUB x Browns Square work jacket

This LA-based BEAT exclusive jacket represents the new generation’s streetwear style, especially the inner-city skate culture. Browns Fashion collaborated with the brand to create this exclusive 20-piece exclusive classic which this jacket is a part of. So this jacket is the culmination of the collaboration between skate culture and high fashion. If you are someone who likes some history behind your clothing and want to support entrepreneurs who are just starting out, this is jacket is for you. It is a multicolor jacket made of 100% canvas material. Check this piece out at an amazing discount by using the Farfetch promo code UAE.

Balmain graphic-print vest jacket

For their newest season, Balmain has drawn inspiration from Renaissance art. This vest jacket looks very fresh and entirely modern, suitable with skirts as well as track pants or jeans. The cotton denim is made in Italy and has a motif that resembles a painting. The graphic print is all over the jacket with a raw cut edge.

The cropped jacket comprises of a classic collar and a front button fastening. The chest flap pockets are there too so do not worry about having no pockets. This vest jacket can be easily thrown in your washing machine and given a spin to be cleaned. Hurry up and avail it for 15% off at the price of $1637.

Coperni cropped trench jacket

Seeing a classic trench coat, you will quickly understand that Coperni has offered an innovative twist to the classic models. You have the old double-breasted silhouette but a new cropped, belted hem that has never been seen before.

The trench jacket is presented in beige and made out of cotton and viscose. The lapels are notched and the sleeves are three-quarter in length. You can only dry clean this cropped trench jacket. At the enormous discount of 50%, you can snatch it up for almost $942. So do not wait around too long because this sale with end sooner rather than later!