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What are CBD and THC, and how are they different?


Hemp oil sample extracted from the leaves of cannabis, known as CBD Oil.

Of course, cannabis, like any other plant, has its substance. There are two main types of cannabis in marijuana, CBD and THC, with the first being physically comfortable and drowsy, while the second being psychoactive physical comfort.

Hemp oil (CBD Oil)

CBD in cannabis is one of the 120 substances that are abundant in and of itself. Cannabinoids are extracted from the cannabis plant and extracted into cannabis oil; they remain only to be prescribed by a doctor.

Is hemp oil legal? Laws on cannabis oil are becoming legal. It is effective from October 5, 2021, announced by the Thai Ministry of Public Health. The Narcotics Control division determines the THC content in cannabis oil is less than 0.3% and must only be prescribed by a doctor. Hemp oil available in CBD shop Schweiz.

There are many different ways to use cannabis oil. But most of the time will be used to eat by dripping under the tongue, which will work within 15 minutes to 30 minutes and some methods of use. You can add cannabis oil to your favorite beverages, such as fruit juice and water. Using this method, it will act slower than before, about 30-90 minutes, because it has to go through the digestive system.

There are nine benefits of CBD Oil.

Relieve anxiety and reduce stress.

CBD oil with Cannabinoids extracted has been tested and found that can reduce anxiety. Compared to those who do not use However, this test indicates that if the dose is too high May increase anxiety ref.  CBD oil available in CBD shop Schweiz.

1. It can be used to treat epilepsy.

Treatment of epilepsy or seizures of patients There is research that Can be treated by using CBD Oil, which was previously in 2018 by the US FDA. CBD Oil under Epidiolex has been approved to treat seizures in patients.

In addition, the Epps Association of Epilepsy Patients also confirmed that hemp oil use Can reduce seizures or symptoms of epilepsy. from severe symptoms to light.

2. Treating Mental Illness When severely affected (PTSD)

PTSD, or Post-traumatic stress disorder, is a shock. Of the patient when it is greatly affected by the mental in which the trial took patients to give cannabis oil. Tested on patients in 2016, the results showed that CBD Oil cannabis oil could reduce PTSD symptoms very well.

3. Helping patients become addicted to drugs, relieve pain, and stop using drugs.

The use of hemp oil is also helpful in helping to feel comfortable. And have less pain Which is suitable for patients who need drugs that contain opioid substances or pain killers. When patients use opioid-containing medications for a long time, they become addicted, and cannabis oil can also help.

4. Reduce uncontrollable pain

Have you ever heard that Using cannabis to treat cancer has been effective in some people? And especially Helps reduce pain from cancer (Cancer Pain) and other painful symptoms. That is not related to cancer as well.

The working principle of cannabis oil is that it increases a substance in the body called anandamide, which is a natural substance that acts to control pain and improve mood. Pain killer CBD products available in CBD shop Schweiz.

In conclusion

CBD Oil, or hemp oil, has many medicinal and medicinal benefits. It is significantly Reducing anxiety and neurological symptoms, including also helpful. With the issue of sugar, diabetes and heart disease as well.

But due to cannabis research, there is still limited availability, and we still have a lot to learn. That’s because this Magic Plant has something to study and is expected to be helpful to human’s lot.

If you are interested in CBD Oil, you should consult a medical professional before using it. This is because Thai laws are still not 100% liberalized for marijuana, and it must be prescribed only by a doctor.