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What Does Ryanair Travel Insurance Cover?


Before purchasing a travel insurance policy with Ryanair, it is worth knowing exactly what it covers. You will be able to access your policy online and print it out if needed. The policy number is located on your flight confirmation email. When calling customer service, be sure to have this number handy. Changing your flight details? You can call Ryanair’s reservations centre in your area. However, any changes should be made before the start of your trip.

The benefits of Ryanair travel insurance are many. It will cover almost anything – including modest flights throughout Europe – should something unexpected happen. However, the policy does not cover certain types of illnesses or diseases. Whether you get sick or contract a tropical disease is another question entirely. Ryanair travel insurance is designed with your best interests in mind. It will cover medical emergency, baggage loss, and other problems. In addition, you can cancel your trip without any extra charges if you’re ill, or if you have to miss a flight.

If you need to cancel your flight, it’s a good idea to keep all of your receipts. Keep a diary of communications, including emails, phone calls, and texts. You should also scan or back up any important documents. If you’re feeling unwell and are unable to fly, call your doctor right away – their advice may be crucial for your travel insurance claim. So, before buying your insurance policy, it’s worth checking what it covers.

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