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What Is Considered SDLC Experience?


SDLC is a lifecycle of software development. This means that it takes several steps to develop a piece of software. In other words, it involves high levels of design and low-level design. High-level design is used when the final software does not need to be completely defined. Its design is generally much simpler. In an SDLC project, a high-level design is created, which is then reviewed and used to determine further requirements.

This question can also be a test of a prospective employee’s knowledge of industry trends and their ability to identify problems. If they can see problems coming and have a workaround solution in mind, they should be hired. However, a technical interview question can be very simple. If a person cannot explain a basic concept, they probably are not ready for high-level work. In addition, it may be worth it to ask a tech interview question to see whether the applicant has any experience dealing with a specific SDLC project.

You can also expect to receive questions about the method and scope of software development. For example, you may be asked about performance metrics, objectives, budgets, schedules, and collaboration. Your answer should address your experience in this field, relating it to your future career goals. You can also mention your skills and accomplishments as related to the job requirements. And, don’t forget to highlight the benefits of your past work.

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