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Why Did MTV Stop Playing Music Videos Regularly?


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Why did MTV stop playing music videos regularly and what can we do about it? The answer may surprise you. The network never really became cool with the younger generations, and never really created a buzz. But the network has changed a lot over the years. Its programming has gone where the money is. Music videos are no longer the top draw for MTV, which has focused on other areas of entertainment.

As more people watched music videos online, MTV stopped playing them regularly. The competition from cable channels meant that MTV didn’t make enough money to keep playing these videos. It was no longer difficult to switch to another channel. Also, viewers didn’t have to wait for the end of a television show to watch music videos. This forced MTV to eliminate most of their in-house programming, so they had to switch to other formats.

MTV was a cable TV channel that debuted after midnight on August 1, 1981. Originally, the station was guided by video jockeys who introduced videos and bantered about music news in between clips. But as the network grew, it gradually shifted its focus away from music and into original reality television. The original format was created by media executive Robert W. Pittman, later CEO of MTV Networks. Pittman created the 15-minute show “Album Tracks,” which became MTV’s signature format.

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