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Why Do News Media Cover Entertainment Gossip?


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The debate over why news media cover entertainment gossip is as old as the press itself. Many experts believe it’s necessary to keep a balance between reporting the news and avoiding the pitfalls of celebrity gossip. But others disagree, saying celebrity coverage is more important than ever. The media’s focus should be on covering real world issues and not celebrity meltdowns. Yet, while many journalists don’t want to act like crack dealers, it’s a necessary part of the business. You can also click here webvan.info for more information. Read more about beenz.info

Although many people argue that tabloidization is not a problem, recent statistics have shown that only 3% of network news stories in 1997 were about scandal. Straight news stories declined from 51% in 1977 to 34% in 1997. Meanwhile, ‘Time Magazine’ stories about entertainment and celebrities increased from 4% to 15%. It’s no wonder, then, that tabloids have become so prevalent: they’ve replaced true news as the focus of the media.

One reason why news media cover entertainment gossip is that they serve as catalysts for action at the local level. In the case of the “motel families” living near Disneyland, the media has sparked action by local government. But the story has a deeper meaning. It shows the power of journalism. It stimulates action by the community, and even inspires people to get involved in their own community. But how do news organizations deal with all of this?

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